On vacation from July 29 to August 25

August is nearing, so it is time for my summer vacation. The weather today already had the end-of-summer feeling, but there should be plenty of nice weather left before it gets really cold again.

One sign that summer is nearing its end could be seen in a small brook last Sunday:


These are Common Goldeneyes (Bucephala clangula) and their mother was a few meters to the right, keeping a close eye on me as I was taking photos.

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Layout change

I decided to change the blog layout to something a bit simpler. At the same time, I removed the old posts that were mostly just notifications of vacations and other absences. The new header photo is a view from a bird tower to the Paukaneva bog, taken early this morning (around 7 AM). I have a habit of going out very early in the morning during the summer months as the air is clean and fresh after the night and temperature bearable (+21°C this morning at 5 AM).

Early in the morning is also the best time to see wild animals as they’re most active in the morning. Here is a little video from last week, recorded early in the morning by the bank of the old river bed just outside the town.

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Spring is here

A sure sign of spring in these parts of the country is the flood. This year, we had a record flood, which forced the authorities to let the fields around the town to flood. This controlled flooding is intended to prevent flood damage to people’s houses.

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