Layout change

I decided to change the blog layout to something a bit simpler. At the same time, I removed the old posts that were mostly just notifications of vacations and other absences. The new header photo is a view from a bird tower to the Paukaneva bog, taken early this morning (around 7 AM). I have a habit of going out very early in the morning during the summer months as the air is clean and fresh after the night and temperature bearable (+21°C this morning at 5 AM).

Early in the morning is also the best time to see wild animals as they’re most active in the morning. Here is a little video from last week, recorded early in the morning by the bank of the old river bed just outside the town.

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Spring is here

A sure sign of spring in these parts of the country is the flood. This year, we had a record flood, which forced the authorities to let the fields around the town to flood. This controlled flooding is intended to prevent flood damage to people’s houses.

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VAT changes on January 1st, 2013

There will be some changes in the Finnish VAT law as of January 1st, 2013. The main change is the increase of VAT to 24%. This change will only affect Finnish customers and customers outside of Finland who are not VAT registered. The reverse charge of VAT for VAT registered customers will continue as before.

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