Contact information and availability

Contact information

PL 130
60101 Seinäjoki

email: tarja.simpanen (at)
Tel. +358407512352 (mobile)

Please note that I will not call back to unknown international telephone numbers (due to telephone scams about which the police has issued a warning). The best way to contact me is by email.

VAT number: FI18701155 – You can check the validity of my VAT registration in here (select Finland and paste the number (without FI) to the VAT number field).

For my company information in the Joint business information system of the National Board of Patents and Registration and the Tax Administration, click here.


For availability, see my calendar in “Not reported” is the default status, meaning that the availability depends on the scope and schedule of the project. I will only mark totally unavailable days, all other times (Monday to Friday) are negotiable.